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About us

Central Board of Education, Ajmer, New Delhi.

  • Under Registered Govt. of India, Planning Commission,
  • Ministry of HRD Govt. of India.
  • Aa added autonomous Board ruining successfully.
  • Which is run by under the Indian trust act 1882,
  • To educate those who are not educated in conventional manner pioneer
  • Board of all Deeps in the Country.

Transmute India into A Developed Nation by Education Brief of the rural areas of the country is as follows:

  1. Average life-span of people is ~42 years.
  2. Infant MR is highest in the world to the best of my knowledge and appoach.
  3. 93% children never see the school in their whole life.
  4. 80% women have only one saari to wear through the year.
  5. AIDS/TB/Leprosy and other STDs are threatening the life of common people as if the area is prone to World-War III.
  6. Villagers are deprived of electricity even after 63 years of independence.
  7. Basic needs of common people are never fulfilled by the resource available/ supplid by the administrations. We urgently need the stability of a controversial script of education for all because we and the rest of Indians are different, somewhat better somewhat worse and difference should be celebrated but it is genetically impossible for the state Government to provide minimum education for all that is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire of the people.

Problems can not be solved at the same level of Awareness that created them (Albert Einstein). But education can solve all the problems in the present scenario from the face of the region as NIOS/Board of Secondary Education Ajmer, New Delhi enroll students by mobilizing and provoking them by them approach on door to door basis to those children who is supposed never to see the school in their life.

So, the educationists as well as social scientists of our beloved country and intellectuals of this region have legally finalized to establish study center of Board in the area where sufficient infrastructure is available and the building is having more than 9 Rooms with Library and and star faculties of various streams to give the final shape of this dream. The authorities of the Board have approved the invitation for education after successful result of the previous work. From Central Board of Education, Ajmer New Delhi. 

There fore the concerned Authorities/NGOs/Schools/Colleges as well as Academies/ Institutions are Requested to consider our concern of approval of education work of the Board in this region so as to mix up the students of downtrodden strata of the society in the mainstream, to educate the people of the oppressed strata of the society so as give the practical shape of this history making opportunities for education in the region, and to eradicate or at least avoid the drawback of ignorance, after all, to fulfill the dream of India for a Developed nation,

Darkness of deep night can’t be removed by single candle but by power of innumerous candles lighting together. Now the deep and seemingly unending problems in front of us are like deep darkened night with can be overcome by bringing all positive forces together.

On below mentioned missions, if any people / Organization/ Institution (Private/Public/Govt./Non-Govt/NGO) needs any kind of platform / collaboration / partnership / assistance / guidance / Joint Venture / start up to express themselves, to  enable themselves grow, to achieve individual or common goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


To elevate 40 crores of people from poverty in next 30 years.
To uplift 100 crores of people into rich and stable prosperity in next 40 years.

(1.1) Planned blueprint of economic mission

  • To optimize production and productivity of agriculture produce and bring the green revolution and white revolution to logical conclusion.
  • Land refornation and land reclamation
  • Food storage and processing
  • Marketing and export of raw and packaged food products.
  • Provision of I modern house to each family of country in next 40 years.
  • Provision of good drinking water to each person of the country in next 20 years.

(1.2) Infrastructures to be created in coming years.

  • To optimize production and productivity of agriculture produce and bring the green revolution and white revolution to logical conclusion.
  • Land refornation and land reclamation
  • Food storage and processing
  • Marketing and export of raw and packaged food products.
  • Provision of I modern house to each family of country in next 40 years.
  • Provision of good drinking water to each person of the country in next 20 years.


  • To remove 50 crores of people from state of semi-illiteracy of complete illiteracy in next 25 years.
  • To bring the process of reforming the education system of the country to a logical conclusion and to create  the most optimized and ideal education system in next 30 years.
  • To delete the word like disease, sufferings from social dictionary completely under dual objective of prevention and cure of disease in next 20 years.
  • e-literacy and availing benefits of e-revolution for 120 crores of people in next 40 years.
  • Enable Bharata to become number one sports country in the world in next 30 years.

(2.1) Planned blueprint of social mission

  • To increase efficiency of existing 100,000 schools in the country in imparting ideal education to brainand heart of pupils.
  • To establish another 80,000 model school based on my vision of ideal education which is an optimized combination of modern science  and time-tested ancient values of Bharata.
  • To establish 1000 college as center of excellence to develop pure scientific and technological temper among student.
  • To establish an ideal hospital in every village using combined strengths of Allopathic medicinal systen and traditional Indian medicinal system or AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidhha, Homeopathy)
  • To avail benefits of computer and e-revolution to each people of the country.
  • To enable Bharata to attain permanent supremacy on identified 50 major sports/games and to achieve unrivalled sports glory.
  • Rural and Urban plantation, sanitation, and beautification.
  • Population control mission to achieve zero growth rates in next 30 years.

(2.2) Infrastructures to be created in coming years.

  • 80,000 school
  • 10,000 of colleges
  • One integrated hospital in every village
  • 6000 stadiums in the country
  • 1 computer and IT knowledge development center in every village.

Various universities and institutions such as IGNOU, PTU, JRN RVU, SMU are running technical and non-technical courses on the concept of Central Board of Education, Ajmer, New Delhi. so as to make the nation, a development nation. It is recognized by Ministry of Home Affairs/Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, New Delhi. It is also recognized by Ministry of HRD,
Govt. of India (2011)

Govt. Orders/ Recognition

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India.
  2. Ministry of HRDGovt. of India.
  3. Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers & Govt. of India.
  4. Ministry of Higher Secondary Education Govt. of India.
  5. Ministry of Railway Govt. of India.
  6. Ministry of Labour & Employment Govt. of India.
  7. Govt. of India Planning Commission.
  8. U.P. Board of Sanskrit Lucknow.
  9. U.P. Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education Allahabad (U.P.)
  10. Department of Child Development & Project (CDPO) Govt. of U.P.
  11. Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi.
  12. Council of Higher Secondary Education Delhi.
  13. Council of Higher Secondary Education Mohali (Punjab)
  14. Bihar School Examination Board Patna.
  15. Board of Secondary Education West Bengal.
  16. Vishwa Bharati Shanti Niketan, West Bengal.
  17. Punjab University Chandigarh.
  18. Kerala University Kerala.
  19. IASE University Sardar Shahar (CahruRay)
  20. Sampurananand Vishvavidyalaya  Varanasi U.P.
  21. Shiats Deemed University Allahabad U.P.
  22. International Maritime Academy Chennai.
  23. Central Institute of Plactic Engineering & Technology Lucknow.

Note : Original copies of orders of central Govt./State Govt./University/Boards are available in the office of New Delhi and its regional centers..

Courses of Central Board of Education, Ajmer, New Delhi.

  • Metric (10th ) following NCERT/NIOS based Course
  • Intermediate (10+2)  following NCERT/NIOS based Course contents of (PCB/PCM) Syllabus
  • Vocational Courses of Medical Science  Such as DMLT, DSEEMS etc.


  1. Govt. of India Planning Commission New Delhi.
  2. Confederation of NGO’s Rural India New Delhi.
  3. Family Planning Association of India Mumbai.
  4. All India Achievers Foundation New Delhi.